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We're turning the tattoo world upside-down!
  This is the official website of Mark Palmer, the world's leading Ambigram Tattoo Artist. You've come here for the highest quality Ambigram Tattoo Designs available, and we plan to deliver!
What are Ambigrams?
Ambigrams are tattoo lettering works of art that can be read both forward AND upside-down. They make for perfect tattoo designs!
Every Ambigram Tattoo Design Download on this site will get you both a solid filled-in design and a line-art stencil (to get the best ink). Each download will look like this (but much bigger):
Tattoo Design Filled-In Solid included in download Tattoo Design Stencil Along with a stencil
Mark Palmer would love to draw a completely unique custom Ambigram Tattoo Design just for you!
Endless possibilites to express yourself.
  You might be looking for a phrase, name-pairing, or other combination that isn't in our pre-drawn galleries or that the generator can't do.

If this is the case, you should definitely ask Mark to draw a custom Ambigram for you. He's drawn thousands of custom Ambigrams for satisfied clients all over the world, and he'll work with you to make sure you get the perfect Ambigram, or your money back - no BS. The bottom line is that he's not happy until you're happy.

How do I get a Custom Ambigram Design? You can order Custom Tattoo by going to the Custom Orders section of the site. The Generator section also allows you to order a custom based off one of the generated tattoo designs (I.E. you like the generator item #2, but want it custom made in a different style).
There are more than 2500 Ambigram Tattoo Designs in our Galleries
Yeah, it's a lot. Here's some advice to help you find the perfect Ambigram Tattoo.
  Our Ambigram Galleries are divided into a couple of major sections. Below is a list of those sections. Or, you can always search for a design by going to our search page, too.
Symmetrical Ambigrams that say the same thing both ways. Split into themes.
Asymmetrical Ambigrams that say something different when upside down.
Over 400 Guys names as Ambigrams
More than 400 Girls names as Ambigrams
Almost 450 Last names as Ambigrams
Tips on Inking our Ambigram Tattoo Designs
So you've picked the perfect Ambigram; now go get a perfect tattoo!
   Your tattoo should be shown with pride, and to make sure you get a good tattoo, you should follow some simple guidelines when getting one of our Ambigrams inked:
  • Ask to see your artist's portfolio of inked art. If they have experience with Ambigram Tattoos it's a sure bet. Check our Tattoo Shop directory.
  • No freehand! Designs should be transfered to your skin using a thermal-fax machine and need the exact transfer to look their best.
  • You get what you pay for. If an artist can ink your tattoo design for way less than anyone else, you're probably not getting good work done.
  • Be creative! Like incorporating our designs into existing tattoo sleeves.
  • Look around: We have designs that are more catered towards certain people. For instance, tattoos for girls are usually in style D, while religious tattoos are popular in style L as well.

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The Wizard


  Mark Palmer, THE ORIGINAL AMBIGRAM TATTOO ARTIST, wants to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized custom ambigram just for you! Ambigrams are the next evolution in Tattoo Lettering! Get your professionally drawn ambigram by world renowned Mark Palmer by going to the 'Custom Orders' section of this site.

Font Style: Graffiti

Font Style: M

Smokin Joe's
Font Style: F

Snowboard Design for Roxy

Logo Design for the Slide Bar in Fullerton,CA
Owned by Jeremy and Ajay Popoff of the band Lit

Shark Attack

Specific Ambigram Types

The Wow Tattoo Ambigram Generator
Powered by Glyphusion - Tattoo Designs by Mark Palmer

It's the world's most advanced ambigram maker!
Tattoo lettering will never be the same.

You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the words are different lengths, the closer they are in the number of letters, the better.

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


The Wow Tattoos Ambigram Generator - Make your own Ambigram!
Ambigram Tattoo Design Creator

Note: The Ambigram Generator uses Mark Palmer's Tattoos, but it is NOT the same as the other pre-drawn Tattoo Designs on this site, and will NEVER be used by Mark to design Custom Ambigram Tattoo Designs. Those are completely unique tattoo art, every time.

Mark's World Famous Books and Flash...

Mark Palmer's Ambigrams in
"DreamWorld" Tattoo Books
and Flash Sets

$49.99 - $199.99

To Order Books or Flash By Phone:

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    Want to see Mark's recent Ambigram tattoo design artwork and real customers? Click here.
    UPDATED - 4/16/11 - Over 100 NEW ambigram pictures posted in the gallery!

Real Customer's Ink


      Here at Wow Tattoos, we appreciate what our armed forces servicemen are doing for us all over the the world. So we'd like to thank you by offering you a free $9.99 Ambigram Tattoo Design off of our site. Pick any of the $9.99 Designs already up on our site and we'll send it to you. The only requirement is that you have an armed forces email address for us to send your design to. Please use our contact page to let us know which design and the style the design is in that you would like.

We hope you find the Ambigram Tattoo Designs and Unique Tattoo Lettering you are looking for! We take great pride in providing the best Tattoos out there.